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​"It is said that Women are given a privilege by God to be His partner in giving life to another human being."

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The perfect artistic beauty collection, which is unique, highlights many aspects of womanhood like emotions, caring, fashionable, confidence, dressing styles.

  • She doesn't hide her emotions

  • She is confident

  • She is fashionable

Some Rare one exhibits unique characters like loves for attending masquerade ball (participants attend in costume wearing a mask) love for a particular fashion style.


Why we choose sketches?

Sketches captures the essentials of the subject, but not designed to be a detailed, perfect drawing. Much like the life itself. So we choose sketches as the medium to highlight the aspects of womanhood in the raw, basic form, without the sophistication of colors.

Here is the Story behind those
"Sketched Beauties"

Long time ago there lived a monk in a forest. One day when he was roaming in the woods, he saw an angel sitting on the bright grass sadly. She was so beautiful that he couldn’t move his eyes off. It didn’t take him much time to fall in love with that angel. As he went closer, he saw the angel got an injury in her leg. He then brought her in his hut and nursed her wounds. Soon the angel recovered. She too fall in love with the monk. They started living together in that forest. But oneday when the angel was going to the river, she was killed by a hunter. The monk couldn’t save her. He was drowned into deep grief. To make the situation better he started doing meditation. After a long period of hard meditation he got a magical pen. Then he started drawing the angel in various emotions as if she was there just with him.

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