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Digital Music Mentor


  • 选择一首歌曲从CD或MP3文件中导入

  • 点击分析等待软件完成分析

  • 查看分析结果包括和弦图低音谱节奏图等

  • 选择一个乐器比如吉他或钢琴开始练习

  • 享受音乐的乐趣





Download Digital Music Mentor for free and easily learn to play guitar and piano

Do you want to learn to play guitar and piano, but don't have time and teachers? Do you want to analyze your favorite songs on your computer and find out their chords and bass? Do you want to use a powerful and intelligent software to help you achieve your music dream?

If your answer is yes, then you must try Digital Music Mentor This is a software developed by Sienzo company, it can let you extract the chords and bass of any pop or rock song from CD or MP3 files, and also teach you how to play them on screen and in real time .

The use of Digital Music Mentor is very simple. You only need to do the following steps:

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Digital Music Mentor is not just an analysis software, it is also a creation software. You can use it to create your own songs, or adapt existing songs. You can choose different styles, rhythms, harmonies, melodies, etc., to make your songs more personalized and unique. You can also use it to record your performance, save it as MP3 or WAV format, and share it with your friends and family .

Digital Music Mentor is a software suitable for all ages and levels, whether you are a beginner or a master, you can benefit from it. It can let you quickly master the basic skills of guitar and piano, and also let you learn music theory and composition skills in depth. It can let you enjoy the fun of music, and also let you improve your music level .

Digital Music Mentor is a trustworthy software, it has been developed and tested for many years, ensuring its quality and stability. It has also received a lot of praise and recommendation from users and experts, and is considered a revolutionary music software .

If you want to download Digital Music Mentor for free, don't hesitate, hurry up and click the link below, and start your free trial! You will find that this is a software that you can't put down, a software that makes you a music master!

Click here to download Digital Music Mentor for free c5e3be4c90

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