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Gumroad ? SpeedSculpt

Gumroad SpeedSculpt

SpeedSculpt is a Blender add-on that allows you to create fast and easy sculpting models in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to create characters, creatures, or abstract shapes, SpeedSculpt gives you the tools and the workflow to achieve your goals.

Download: https://occiahymu.blogspot.com/?download=2w3cOB

SpeedSculpt was created by Cédric Lepiller, a freelance 3D artist and Blender enthusiast who goes by the name of Pitiwazou. He has been developing Blender add-ons since 2014, such as Speedflow, Proflow, Easyref, and Asset Management. He also offers tutorials and courses on his Gumroad page and YouTube channel.

Some of the features of SpeedSculpt include:

  • A pie menu that gives you quick access to the most common sculpting tools and brushes.

  • A dynamic topology system that adapts the resolution of your mesh according to your brush size and strength.

  • A remesh tool that lets you create a clean and even topology for your sculpt.

  • A boolean tool that allows you to add or subtract shapes from your sculpt using other objects.

  • A skin tool that enables you to create organic shapes from curves or edges.

  • A mask tool that lets you isolate parts of your sculpt for editing or hiding.

  • A symmetry tool that helps you maintain the balance and proportion of your sculpt.

  • A smooth tool that relaxes the surface of your sculpt without losing details.

  • A polish tool that flattens and sharpens the edges of your sculpt.

  • A inflate tool that expands or contracts the volume of your sculpt.

  • A pinch tool that tightens or widens the creases of your sculpt.

  • A scrape tool that peels off or adds layers of material to your sculpt.

  • A clay tool that simulates the effect of adding or removing clay from your sculpt.

  • A grab tool that lets you move, rotate, or scale parts of your sculpt.

  • A snake hook tool that allows you to pull or push parts of your sculpt like a snake.

SpeedSculpt is compatible with Blender 2.79 and 2.80. You can purchase it from Gumroad for 15. You can also watch a demo video and browse a collection of artworks created with SpeedSculpt on OpenSea. If you want to learn more about SpeedSculpt and other Blender add-ons by Pitiwazou, you can visit his website, follow him on social media , or support him on Tipee or Patreon.


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