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The History and Origins of the Bingo Song for Kids

"Bingo" (also known as "Bingo Was His Name-O", "There Was a Farmer Had a Dog" or "B-I-N-G-O") is an English language children's song of obscure origin. Additional verses are sung by omitting the first letter sung in the previous verse and clapping or barking the number of times instead of actually saying each letter. Its Roud Folk Song Index number is 589.

bingo song

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The earliest reference to any form of the song is from the title of a piece of sheet music published in 1780, which attributed the song to William Swords, an actor at the Haymarket Theatre of London.[2][3] Early versions of the song were variously titled "The Farmer's Dog Leapt o'er the Stile," "A Franklyn's Dogge," or "Little Bingo."

The presence of the song in the United States was noted by Robert M. Charlton in 1842.[7] English folklorist Alice Bertha Gomme recorded eight forms in 1894. Highly-differing versions were recorded in Monton, Shropshire, Liphook and Wakefield, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire and Enborne. All of these versions were associated with children's games, the rules differing by locality.[8] Early versions of "Bingo" were also noted as adult drinking songs.[9]

Bingo (or B-I-N-G-O) is a very popular and fun nursery rhyme. This song is actually over 230 years old. Try to tell that to the kids - they won't belive you! But even though it is old, the nursery rhyme "Bingo" is still used in pre-schools and kindergartens. The children simply love this song about the dog called Bingo. There are probably a lot of dogs out there who are named Bingo because of this song... Do you know any dogs called "Bingo"? Tip: You can also try to change BINGO to another dog name (preferably 5 letters). This nursery rhyme is great for learning spelling. If you change the dog's name, the kids will learn even new letters and words. Good luck!

We love the idea of music bingo and have used it in both our memory unit and our independent/assisted living community. The one suggestion we have is to add some music that's a little more current. Tunes from the 50's and 60"s. Elvis Presley is one artist that was requested

Like the product and have used it many times in different facilities. However, it is time to update the songs. How about creating one that has broadway songs on it from the 50-60's and then songs of the 50-60's and 70-80's . My clientele were commenting on how old the song are eventhough they knew them and most of them are over 75 now.

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What matters most is what your audience want in terms of a music trivia game. The audience is the first thing to consider when you are hosting music bingo. Read on to find out a range of considerations and rules that you can implement in your music bingo game.

Shazam is an app which identifies a song from hearing a snippet of it play. Used in many circumstances, Shazam recognizes songs instantly. This is the reason many use it in games of music bingo. Players can easily identify songs that they do not know, or simply ensure that they recognize the song in time by using Shazam.

The choice for your music bingo players to use Shazam is up to you. You could ask politely for players not to use the song identifying app before commencing your game to ensure each player gets a fair chance at winning. On the other hand, if you want to give players a chance to up their competitiveness and opt for the quickest bingo time, you may choose to enable players to use Shazam.

A positive for Shazam is when the primary audience of your music bingo game is older, and kids are also playing. If you know that your music bingo playlist includes songs that a few members of your game may not know, it may help level the playing field.

This decision depends on the game that you want to create. Music bingo can be played with individual players or groups. Team music bingo can be great fun and a way of interacting with others, building teamwork, and improving collaboration. This is why music bingo is so often used for work socials (read more about this here).

Often, the aim of a work social is to improve and use communication and teamwork aspects between work colleagues. The best ways to improve communication within a workplace often take place in social and teambuilding days. Things like trivia and music bingo helps coworkers get to know each other, their music tastes, how they work in a team, how they go about working out answers and of course, how they communicate with others. This is why Rockstar Bingo works great as a work social event.

The same goes for pub music bingo, playing within a team works great, as does a solo game. Hosting music bingo in a pub is an awesome way to generate revenue on the quieter nights or go for a big music bingo night on a Friday for example. Pubs are usually set up in a table format that works great for playing music bingo as a table of 3-5 in a pub. However, music bingo also works well playing as individuals, but still allowing players to chat between music bingo songs.

For a fun family music bingo night at home, playing as individuals is the best way to go forward as there probably are not enough teams for a good competitive game. Playing Disney music bingo as individuals is a great family night in and highlights another great solo music bingo game example.

One other factor to consider when deciding whether to host music bingo for teams or solo players is the number of prizes you have. If you play with teams and you have 4 winners instead of 1, you may need 4 prizes. Consider small gift cards or a free table with a drink for the following music bingo game as prizes! A solo game may mean that you can be more generous with an individual music bingo prize such as a gift card, food, or drink prize or you have a sponsor that gift prizes for your pub music bingo event.

As we discussed above, prizes are a great consideration before hosting your music bingo game. The number of prizes depends on the number of music bingo winners that you have. The number of music bingo winners that you have ultimately depends on the numbers of music bingo games that you play.

Playing multiple targets allows you to crown more bingo winners and this can be more exciting for your bingo players. Rockstar Bingo communicates the desired target clearly and when you start playing for a new target, a notification is sent to all player screens showing this.

A very good question! How long to play a song for in music bingo is a common question that we get asked. As Rockstar Bingo connects to Spotify or if you prefer to work with other media manually/offline, you are the controller of when to stop and start playing a song.

The best way to answer this question is to think about how long you would like your music bingo game to be (this also depends on player numbers). We normally suggest playing a song for around 20 seconds. This gives people a chance to identify the song being played, but not to get bored of the song! Just as your players hear the fun part of the song, they will be thrown into another great part of another song. This is why music bingo is so much fun! If you are looking for a compact and quick game of music bingo, consider shortening any chat breaks or announcements during the music bingo game.

If you want your game to be accessible to all and to allow most people to try and identify the song, play the chorus or the best-known part of the song. With Rockstar Bingo, you can choose where you start playing a song prior to playing a game, and the song will automatically start playing there! Remember that the chorus normally reveals the name of the song.

Do you need engaging Christmas activities for your preschoolers? Looking for done-for-you lesson plans for this winter and Christmas? Would you like to download and print Christmas centers, games, songs, circle time lessons, and more? This bundle includes 6 Christmas resources that are perfect for preschoolers this winter.

As soon as all your guests arrive, hand out the bingo sheets and candy markers. Turn on the tunes and with each song, make sure to place a marker over the corresponding picture on your bingo sheet. Continue as you listen to the playlist. Once someone gets bingo (5 in a row), reward them with a small prize. Continue listening/dancing/grooving and wrapping through the night and award more bingo winners as you go.

Write the lyrics, one word per card and use the cards to learn the song. Students can put the song in order. You can also use the word cards to create alternative rhymes and switch out the nouns, farmer can be student or teacher, etc. Switch out farmer, dog, and bingo to create your own version.

Bingo is the name of a dog, and like in a counting-down rhyme, in this song the same verse is repeated, spelling the word B-I-N-G-O. Each time, one by one, a letter is removed and replaced with a hand-clap.

Music Bingo game is one of the most popular activities for virtual parties. Instead of balls, the game delivers songs and dabbling fun. The game is suitable for even big companies. There are hardly any limits on the number of people that can participate. Every participant gets a Music Bingo game card with a list of the hottest tunes. When your guests get a full house of songs, they become winners and get BINGO! It's a fantastic option for any type of virtual event, like virtual team building, virtual Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, stag and hen parties, and others.

Music Bingo is an excellent song-guessing game for any occasion. It has a long and entertaining history. The game was first introduced as a TV show on May 29, 1958, and aired for two years in black and white. The Music Bingo Show paved the way for Johnny Gilbert, originally a nightclub entertainer and singer.

The rules were simple. Contestants listened to the song played, and when the song was stopped, they ran to the board and placed symbols. The first contestants needed to get five songs in a row to become the winner.

Online Bingo team building can become something truly amazing with the right playlist. As a rule, it takes up to 75 songs to generate online Music Bingo cards for a virtual team-building event. While compiling your list, try to think outside the box and hit the road with virtual Musical Bingo games.


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